In conjunction with the release of two videos, Division I SAAC has also released a series of best practices for Campus and Conference SAACs.  These best practices are aimed at keeping communication flowing between all levels of SAAC (campus, conference and national).  Please leave a comment if you have further suggestions.

Conference SAAC Best Practices 

  • Relationship with DI SAAC representative
    • Assure that good communication exists between DI rep and Conference SAAC liaison prior to and following your meeting
    • Allow for the DI rep to attend in-person meetings to best collect feedback on legislative proposals
  • Conference SAAC meeting and legislative proposals
    • DI SAAC has found that conferences that have an in-person meeting during the months of Sept/Oct have the best success of receiving detailed student-athlete feedback on legislative proposals
    • At the meeting, utilize materials provided from NCAA to best educate conference SAAC on proposals affecting student- athlete well-being
    • If possible, allow for a compliance officer to attend meetings in order to better explain and provide examples of how proposed legislation would affect the student-athlete experience
    • When filling out your conference’s position grid, make sure to add as many notes as to why the conference felt a certain way on each proposal
Campus SAAC Legislative Best Practices

  • Relationship with DI SAAC conference representative
    • Make sure that your campus SAAC knows what the DI SAAC is and who your conferences representative is – they can prove to be incredibly helpful when it comes to education on legislation as well as other hot topics from a national perspective
    • Utilize your campus’ conference SAAC representative as they will have knowledge of the proposals either from their interaction at an in-person conference SAAC meeting, or at the very least from email communication between DI SAAC and each campus representative
  • Presenting Legislation
    • Designate a certain campus SAAC meeting each fall to devote time to discussing legislative proposals.
    • Attempt to get as much diversity as possible at that meeting (sport/ethnicity/gender)
    • Utilize a compliance officer to come and present in order to provide clarification and examples for certain proposals that may prove to be confusing
    • When providing feedback to your conference SAAC representative, please provide as much detailed feedback about why your institution felt strongly one way or the other.
The Division I SAAC would like to congratulate the Boston College SAAC for being awarded the fall 2010 Division I SAAC Award of Excellence.  BC was selected from a pool of very qualified applicants.  Please keep your eye out for the next submission period coming this spring!

Below are some of the accomplishments of the Boston College SAAC

Community Service

Student-Athlete Immersion Service Trip – During the last week of the winter break, a group of 22 student-athletes and 2 staff travelled to Poplarville, MS and New Orleans, LA to assist in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  The group slept on the floor of a church and shared meals with other university groups from around the country.  The group was charged with deconstructing a shelter, cleaning up an old warehouse site, and painting the interior of residents’ homes.  The group also had the opportunity to spend time in with CNN Hero of the Year Award Winner, Liz McCartney and the SAAC at Tulane.

Food for Families – Monthly visit to Commonwealth Tenants Association to package food from food bank to deliver to needy families.

Franciscan Hospital for Children – Bi-monthly visits to local children’s hospital for children with a variety of mental, physical, and behavioral issues.  Student-athletes visit different areas of the hospital and play cards, video games, and sports.  Twice a year, at Christmas and Easter, the Lacrosse program visits to decorate holiday themed cookies.

HEAR Program – Help Educate through Athletic Responsibility.  Groups for 5-10 students visit local schools to share their stories of success to encourage the  pursuit of further education.

Massachusetts Hospital School – Multiple visits throughout the year to spend time with students from 8-21 years old in a residential/medical environment to play wheelchair football/basketball, video games, and ride horses.  

Campus School – Student-athletes visit the Campus School several times throughout the year to assist in hosting their events, such as the prom, Valentine’s and Christmas parties.  The Boston College Campus School educates students  aged 3 to 21 with multiple disabilities, including complex healthcare needs.

Talent Show - The major project for SAAC is planned throughout the year.  Last year, it was a Fashion Show and this year's board elected to put on a talent show instead to raise money for the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans, LA.  Last year, the fashion show raised $3500 for the St. Columbkille School.

Can Drive - This year's student-athlete can drive collected over 3000 pounds of food that provided 1458 meals to needy families in the greater Boston area.  The can drive is a competition among all athletic teams to collect the most cans by weight.  This year Rowing took home the championship, collecting over 900 pounds of food.

Pinch Hit for Haiti - SAAC, spearheaded by our Baseball representatives worked with the Pinch Hit for Haiti organization to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  Athletic Departments from all of the country participated in Pinch Hit for Haiti and SAAC was no different, raising over $700.


Adopt-a-Team – Each team is paired up and is charged with supporting the other as a whole at a game or match.  Team’s can host dinner together or another event.

SAMI – Student-Athlete Mentor Initiative.  New Program - Selected upperclassmen are paired with freshmen to assist in navigating and acclimating themselves to being a student-athlete